Growing Into A Bigger Boy

The first thing my two-year-old said to me this morning was that he was a ‘Bigger Boy’. I’d gone into his room to wake him up (usually unheard of and never at times I prefer, such as the weekend). I had his clothes ready and his sister was already dressed for school. In all honesty, I was bracing myself for a hard negotiation to get him into his clothes. Dressing isn’t his favourite thing. Following instructions is also something he could do without. So, imagine my surprise when he jumped out of his bed, smile on face and said, “I’ll do it, I’m a Bigger Boy.” The first thing that came into my head was obviously Pinocchio wishing to be a Real Boy. The second was that it was awesome that my son is entering territory where he wants to try things for himself and his ‘Bigger Boy’ status is very important to him.

I have two children and my son is the youngest. In the variety of things that parenting involves, I understand my daughter’s world a hell of a lot more than my son’s, because I feel like I’ve lived it. I was a girl, I am a daughter. I realise this shouldn’t make me complacent and her experiences will not be mine. But on a basic level I have an understanding of what it is to be a girl, albeit a girl growing up in the Eighties and not in the social media and selfie-filled world we live in now.

My son on the other hand is new territory. Not completely uncharted, but definitely new. At the moment, he is a typical toddler by all intents and purposes. He does toddler things. He runs around, he throws his plastic cutlery on the floor, he seems to have permanently sticky hands, he laughs a lot, he cries a lot, and he finds un-silly things very silly. So far, his upbringing has been pretty much the same as his sister. But I know that as he grows, there will be things that are different for him, because he is a boy. There will be hormones raging in him that are different to his sister. He may be more physical, he may be more inclined towards rougher play, he may tackle some things…

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