Graphic Images: Parents Release Photos Of Daughter With Life-Threatening Meningococcal B To Raise Awareness

Warning: some may find the images in the article graphic. 

A mum has spoken of her horror after a tiny ‘bruise’ on her daughter’s chest turned out to be a life-threatening infection.

Sarah Parkyn’s four-year-old daughter Jazmyn was hospitalised for a month following her diagnosis with meningococcal B, which can lead to meningitis and sepsis.

Jazmyn, from Renmark in Australia, had to have 15 skin grafts to remove the dead tissue the illness left behind.

Her parents, Sarah Parkyn, 32, and Aaron Parkyn, 35, are now campaigning for vaccinations against meningococcal B – the strain of the disease that almost claimed their daughter’s life – to be added to the immunisation list.

Currently the jab is only available privately in Australia – something they say they were never told by…

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