Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Game: Indoor Outdoor DIY Play Set. Ideal for Pirate Treasure & Scavenger Hunts & Parties. Learn through Fun – 100 Clue Cards, Treasure Map, Treasure Bar, Gold Coins, Loot Bag with Extra 70 Clue Card Expansion Pack

Fun for all the whole family in all seasons:

Suitable for one child or several children, or even a party of kids, Gotrovo Treasure Hunt allows the whole family to play together without squabbles – and with this edition you can even create extra special themed hunts for Easter Eggs and Christmas presents. Younger children can recognise pictures and basic word clues, while more established readers can test their lateral thinking using the riddles. Parents lay a trail of clues for little treasure hunters to solve and fix to a map that guides them around the home, school or garden. Clue by clue, the children quest their way to the golden treasure bar hidden at the end of the trail, collecting gold coins in a loot bag as they go. Gotrovo comes complete with double-sided map with two individual designs, 170 reusable clue cards, a lovely golden treasure bar which opens to allow you to hide extra little treasures, swag bag and shiny Gotrovo gold coins. The 20 seasonally-themed clues included within the pack are perfect for Easter Egg Hunts and Christmas treasure hunts!

Why Gotrovo is unique:

Gotrovo allows the whole family to play together so no-one is left out

Gotrovo has won awards for best family game (2107) and best party game (2015). It appeals to parents & grandparents as a timeless way to bring families together

Gotrovo meets a range of EYFS/KS1 targets and can be used to help develop speech and language

Gotrovo is an economical way of entertaining at kids parties, and the range includes a set of Gotrovo Mini Treasure Hunts which provide a fantastic party bag

Gotrovo has been reviewed by purchasers as ‘probably the best game I’ve ever purchased’; ‘one of the best things I ever bought ( WINNING “BEST FAMILY & PARTY GAME”: Active & educational, Gotrovo treasure hunt game has been awarded best family game of 2017 in national parenting awards, and best party game 2015, for providing indoor outdoor fun to families. This set includes 70 additional clue cards in the expansion pack with 20 seasonal Christmas and Easter themed clues and clues ideal for school classroom play
EXERCISE MIND AND BODY: Create easy, quick-to-lay treasure trails or scavenger hunts with ready-made clues. Stretch your kids imaginations and develops problem-solving abilities, along with enhancing reading and communication skills. This is an active indoor and/or garden game. Along the trail there are roles for all, from being in charge of the swag bag, collecting the coins, following the map and reading the riddles out loud. Exercises kids brains and bodies, in the home, school or garden
PERFECT PARTY GAME: Perfect for pirate adventures and parties. Great economical entertainment to play for up to 20 children, you can even have a team race. READY TO USE CLUE CARDS – Players collect the clues and fix them to the map as they decipher the trail, also collecting gold coins in the swag bag. The game ends when the players solve the final clue which leads them to the golden treasure bar. Picture, word, riddle and role-playing clues allow you to vary the hunt each time you play
PLAY WITH ONE CHILD OR WITH FRIENDS: A brilliant way to have fun with one child or the whole family and friends, no matter what their ages. Different roles suit different skills, everyone gets to join in, so there will be no more arguments! For young and old alike, Gotrovo treasure hunts provide the sort of fun that memories are made of. It’s fun to play in a team of 2 or more, great for children across the age range to play together and equally entertaining for just a single child
GAME CONTENT: 170 reusable Clue Cards (riddles, pictures, words and role-play), double-sided Treasure Map, golden Treasure Bar, Gold Coins and Loot Bag. COMPLIMENTARY EBOOK: There is an ebook available via your Amazon account with lots of more ideas for parties or everyday fun. (Simply request from merchant by clicking on your order history). Active, treasure-hunting family fun: SOLVE THE CLUES, FOLLOW THE TRAILS, FIND THE HIDDEN TREASURE!

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