Gertie the Good Goose – Natural Rubber Teething Toy

Gertie the Good Goose came to life as we recognized the need for 100% safe, all-natural baby toys. Gertie has been expertly sized to fit perfectly in babies’ hands and to soothe tender gums. Your baby’s teething phase may be a long, and potentially difficult, time to manage. Gertie can lend her feet, her tail feathers, and her beak to your baby for pain relief and often even giggles. Gertie has been cleverly designed so that teething on her feet or beak allows dribble to flow down the front of her body, instead of down her back and straight into the air hole. Her tail also protrudes to divert saliva away from the hole, helping to avoid any mould issues. Gertie has a lovely quack (more of a squeak) that your baby will soon identify as their special toy’s magical sound. She is soft to the touch and has contrasting colours for a quick and easy visual focus. Gertie is soft and light, and the simple contours make her incredibly easy for your baby to grasp and manipulate freely. Guard your Gertie carefully; other babies will attempt to snatch her from her proud little owner.Natural Rubber Teething Toy expertly designed to fit in babies hands and to soother tender gums.
100% safe! 100% natural! 0% phthalate 0% PVC 0% BPA
Cleverly designed to help avoid any mould issues!
Soothes tender gums with beak, feet & tail feathers and is soft to touch
Lovely quack that babies adore plus contrasting colours for quick & easy visual focus

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