FREZYDERM Baby Gums Teething Gel

Soft gel that provides immediate relief to infant gums during the first dentition. Its unique combination of herbal ingredients of Clove, Licorice, Myrrh and Arnica treats the unpleasant symptoms during the development of the first teeth in infants. In addition, it relieves pain and discomfort, soothes, numbs the affected area, reduces the swelling of the red gums and the excessive drooling. It also has anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory effect. With a pleasant natural flavor of clove. Absolutely safe without drugs, such as lidocaine Alcohol, parabens, dyes and saccharin free Not broken down by enzymes in the mouth and saliva Does not irritate the oral mucosaGentle gel that offers instant relief to baby gums during distressing first teething.
It numbs the affected areas, reduces the swelling of the gums and excessive saliva secretion
Apply the gel with a clean finger on the baby’s gums and massage gently.
Soap, fragrance, colour, parabens free
Not broken down by enzymes in the mouth and salivaDoes not irritate the oral mucosa

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