For Those Grieving On Mother's Day, These Small Acts Could Help

Rochelle Bugg

Mother’s Day is a special time of the year for many. But for those who have lost a parent, it can be unbearably hard.

This year will be 32-year-old Rochelle Bugg’s sixth Mother’s Day without her mum. She said the build up is often harder than the day itself: “My stomach fills with dread the moment I see the first supermarket display of flowers, chocolates and pink Champagne and I know I’m in for a few weeks of constant reminders that my mum is no longer around.”

This feeling is shared by many, including 38-year-old Christopher McGuire, blogger at The Out Of Depth Dad, who lost his mum to cancer 18 years ago. She was just 45. “Those 18 years feel like a lifetime and only yesterday,” he said. “It’s hard not to be bitter about this type of loss. Every time I see other people having quality time with their own mothers, there’s still a pang of what I was denied.

“These days, now I’m a dad, I can focus on my partner – as a mother. Yet I won’t lie: I am still jealous of those I see in shops, buying a bunch of flowers…

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