Food Prices Set To Rise By 5% Because Of Extreme Weather, Economists Warn

The cost of meat, dairy and vegetables is set to rise by at least 5% as a result of the extreme weather this year, economists have warned. 

The fluctuating temperatures, which has seen extended spells of frigid and baking weather during the winter and summer is expected to increase household food bills by an estimated £7.15 a month, the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) says.

The cold snap brought on by the Beast from the East has already been blamed for a slump in the economy at the start of the year, while some industries were adversely affected by heatwave conditions over the summer.

The Cebr said domestic food production has been hit by weather extremes that have put “particular stress on farming costs and yields”.

Between March and July, the wholesale “farm gate” prices of some staples rocketed…

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