Five Tips On Getting Back To Work After A Break


The Easter break is well and truly over now, the chocolate has all been eaten and it’s time to get back to normality and to crack on with work once more.

Getting back into a routine after fun in the sun, or any kind of break for that matter, feels a bit tough going so here are the tips I’m reminding myself of so I can snap out of these post-holiday blues and get my booty back in gear.

I hope they help you too:

1. List Writing. Oh, how I love a list. I use everything from Google Calendar to massive diaries and whilst they each have their place and are useful, nothing makes me happier than ticking boxes in a notepad. I tend to write or add to lists several times a day, having a work list by my laptop so I don’t forget deadlines and pending pieces, as well as notes for post ideas and projects when inspiration hits and I also keep notepads everywhere I go, with shopping lists in my bags, notelets in my bedside drawer and post it pads in the kitchen.

I find it therapeutic to write a to-do list before I go to bed at night too so I can clear my mind of what needs to be done the following day, and sleep.

2. Exercise. I know I bang on about this a lot and I’m a bit of a hypocrite as I can go for weeks without doing any to then two runs a day (argh), but when I run, power walk, lift weights and get on the mat regularly, I really feel amazing. I’ve recently become a bit addicted to sport and am committed to keep up with it. I love that rush. Plus, nothing helps me de-stress or firm up physically like getting my sweat on.

3. Prioritise. As we creatives naturally procrastinate (Facebook for the 50th time this morning, anyone?) because it’s hard being an artist right but it’s important to get strict on ourselves and crack on with what’s a priority first, ignoring distractions so we can complete the job in hand.

4. Routine is as important for you as it is for your kids. I love to write my book at night because the house is quiet and I feel ready when night falls. Writing my blog and even emails by day feel like the warm…

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