Fishing Game – BESTOYARD Magnetic Wooden Fishing Toy Game for Toddlers Kids – Includes 12 Different Fishes, 2 Magnetic Rods and 2 Dices

Here’s a kid’s game in the classic tradition, with pieces made of genuine wood (a nice way to show youngsters that not everything in the world is made of plastic) and game play based on hand-eye coordination and problem solving. Featuring fishing poles with magnetic “lures” and fish with magnets embedded in them, the game requires players to catch certain fish while avoiding others, based on the numbers that come up in a dice-roll. There are 12 different fish in the game, including a whale, octopus, lobster, dolphin, tortoise and more, and of course it can be hard sometimes to get the magnet onto the right fish while keeping it away from the others. Parents can easily modify the rules to suit younger players.

All the parts have brightly colored artwork and are thoroughly smoothed with no sharp edges or chance of splinters. The magnets are well-embedded in the wood for further safety. In addition to coordination, the game teaches names of common sea creatures, numbers and counting, hand-eye coordination, fine motor development, problem solving, and social interaction with other players.

This innovative fishing game will make a wonderful gift for any toddler aged three and up. It will keep them interested and entertained while also promoting their mental and physical development. It not only brings children fishing fun, but also is learning toys that teachers trust and kids love! Catch the excitement of fishing with our unique magnetic fishing game toy now!

Package includes:
12 * Wooden magnetic fishes
2 * Wooden magnetic fishing poles
2 * Bicolor dices

This BESTOYARD product is sold with a full money-back guarantee.
If you’re dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason, contact us for a replacement or refund.CUTE, COLORFUL GRAPHICS AND NATURAL MATERIALS. The fishing game features artwork showing 12 different sea creatures, 2 magnetic fishing rods and 2 bicolor dices. The game pieces are made of natural wood, thoroughly smoothed with no sharp edges.
A FUN AND ENGAGING FISHING GAME FOR TODDLERS. Colorful and tactile, this fishing game teaches a variety of mental and physical skills as it keeps kids entertained. Suitable for two players or solo play.
TEACHES SEVERAL DIFFERENT SKILLS. As they’re enjoying this fishing game, kids will develop their coordination, fine motor skills, practice numbers and counting, learn the names of aquatic animals, and more. Perfect for children: 3 years and up.
APPEALING GAME-PLAY WITHOUT COMPLICATED RULES. After rolling dice, a player tries to catch particular numbered fish using their magnetic fishing pole and the embedded powerful magnets in the fish. Try to get the most fish in this classic action packed game.
NO-RISK PURCHASE! UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE. If you’re unsatisfied with this item for any reason, we’ll immediately give you a refund or replacement — whichever you prefer!

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