Fisher Price Is Releasing An Exercise Bike For Children And People Aren't Happy

Fisher Price Is Releasing An Exercise Bike For Children And People Aren’t Happy | The Huffington Post

If you have ever dreamed of sending your three-year-old to a spinning class to burn off their energy, then Fisher Price has the answer. 

Unveiled at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, the new ‘Smart Cycle’ is meant to provide health-conscious parents with the perfect solution to guilt-free screen time. 

Fisher Price

The idea is that your little one pedals away while playing with apps on their tablet, which is helpfully tacked onto the handlebar.

Then parents can periodically check up on their progress via a Bluetooth-enabled dashboard, which records the amount of time the child has spent exercising and what they’ve learnt. 

Amber Pietrobono from Fisher Price, told CNN: “They are learning and mastering content as they pedal, fast or slow, forwards or backwards. It is also how they level up in the games.” 

But some people have been quick to criticise the toy, taking to Twitter to share their view that parents should be turning the TV and tablet off and encouraging children to go outside to get active. 

The Smart Cycle is retailing at $150 in the US and Fisher Price has yet to announce a UK release. It comes with one free maths and science app, and works with four others, including SpongeBob Squarepants.

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