Feeling Judged? Remember Thoughts Are Not Facts

It’s been one of those days. I feel like that rubbish parent who some people cast a withering glance at before inwardly thinking ‘thank God that’s not me’ or something along those lines before avoiding eye contact and quickly moving away. One thing’s for sure it certainly has NOT been my most mindful of days.

  • It was my twins who were shouting and screaming so much in the street that another Mum commented that she could hear them from all the way down the road.
  • It was my twins who were beating each other up in the buggy (who knew hair could be pulled so effectively in a side-by-side buggy?!).
  • It was my twins who were running amok at playgroup frequently having to be told to use their ‘gentle hands’ as they battled with other toddlers who dared to get in their way.
  • It was my twins who refused to sit at the table in the cafe, instead setting up camp on the floor and then running around screaming ‘no’ at me whenever I tried to persuade them to eat some lunch.
  • I was the woman pushing a screaming child in a pushchair while nearly dropping/carrying another screaming child who refused to get into the pushchair around the streets of Lewisham when most toddlers would have been napping.
  • I was the woman abandoning the buggy in the middle of aisles in Sainsburys so I could quickly ‘grab’ things to get the clearly upset children out of the shop as quickly as possible.

Basically I was the woman who felt judged today…. ALL DAY.

By other parents, waitresses, by shop assistants, by other shoppers. Put simply by the general public of south-east London.

If anyone had cared to listen I would have told them that toddler twins are great but TOUGH when they’re both ‘on one’ and I’m sorry but I really don’t have eyes in the back of my head especially as we’re all a bit grumpy having been up since about 5am each morning this week. I might also add that I’m tired after a half term of teaching teenagers, that twin two is refusing to eat her meals holding out for snacks and so I’m trying to be more mean disciplined trying to wean…

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