EASY SIPPERS – Turn almost any size cup/glass into a sippy cup (SET OF 2: 1 for straws & 1 with spout) Convenient, reusable, high quality, stretchable silicone lids. Avoid accidental & messy spills. PINK set also available.

Easy Sippers are a fun and easy way to allow your kids to drink from almost any size cup, glass or sippy cup on their own, making them feel like a big person. These Easy Sippers are not only convenient for the kids, but also for the parents. The easy to fit lids stretch over the cup, forming a tight fitting, spill proof seal around the cup lid. Many sippy cups and other cups, previously unusable for kids, can now be used using Easy Sippers. Don’t throw away sippy cups with broken lids. Just throw away the lids and you can now use the cups again, saving you cupboard space and money. Turn any cup or glass into a sippy cup. Keep in your handbag or nappy bag to take along to restaurants, picnics, visiting friends or travelling. The set consists of 2 colourful lids – 1 stretchable spout lid and 1 stretchable lid where you are able to insert a straw. This product is 100% food grade silicone (FDA & LFGB compliant) and also BPA & Phthalates free. It is hygienic and easy to clean, with no hard to reach places that could collect mould and germs. These silicone lids are dishwasher and microwave safe and eco friendly. Note: Cups and straws are not included in this offer.PINK set also available. 100% FOOD GRADE QUALITY SILICONE – FDA & LFGB compliant (as stated on packaging). Tested and approved. 100% food grade silicone products are BPA & PHTHALATES FREE. No unpleasant odour or taste.
SILICONE LIDS FOR KIDS SIPPY CUPS & OTHER CUPS/GLASSES – STRETCHABLE LIDS FIT ALMOST ANY SIZE CUP/GLASS – Turn almost any size cup/glass into a sippy cup or drinking cup for toddlers. Stretch & fit in one easy step. Forms tight-fitting spill-proof seal around lip of glass or cup.
SENIORS, SPECIAL NEEDS INDIVIDUALS, STROKE PATIENTS, HOSPITALIZED INDIVIDUALS – EASY SIPPERS are also very useful in assisting people who have shaky hands or have difficulty drinking from cups or glasses, reducing spills.
COST SAVING & CONVENIENT – Don’t throw away old sippy cups with broken lids. Only throw away the lids and keep the cups to use with your EASY SIPPERS. Easy to pop into your handbag or nappy bag and use it while shopping or at a restaurant, picnic, car, aeroplane or friends house to prevent those accidental, messy and often embarrassing spills. HYGIENIC & EASY TO CLEAN – Dishwasher and microwave safe. Eco friendly and recyclable.
TWO CONVENIENT STYLES PER SET – 1 spout sipper & 1 straw sipper. Kids love drinking from straws. COLOUR OPTIONS: Blue & Green. This product is also available in a pink & purple set.

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