Dudu N Girlie Supreme Quality Terry Cotton Baby Towelling Nappies, 12-Piece

Dudu N Gitlie, Terries are just the right thickness, and can be folded in a multitude of ways, and fastened with traditional pins or Nappi Nippas. They are 60cm x 60cm and are ideal for young babies. Teamed with a fleece liner to keep the bottom nice and dry, these terries provide an effective, economical and beautifully traditional way to cloth nappy! I’m sure you have heard your mother or grandmother comment about the beauty of seeing their terry nappies hanging on the line- there really is something satisfying about it! 100% Cotton TerrySupreme quality soft and comfortable baby terry nappies
The more you wash the softer they get
Perfect thickness to swaddle a new-born
Gentle against a baby’s sensitive skin
Use for swaddling, burping, baby blanket, shielding when breastfeeding etc.

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