Dr Brown’s Natural Flow Gift Set

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Everything you need for your newborn baby.??Patented internal vent system helps reduce colic, and feels like breastfeeding.?Less oxidation helps maintain vitamins – C, A & E + Lipids?BPA Free?This comprehensive set comprises of?    .    microwave steriliser with tongs,?    .    3 x 240ml wide neck bottles with level 1 teats?    .    2 x 120ml wide neck bottles with level 1 teats?    .    2 x level 2 teats,?    .    2 x level 3 teats,?    .    5 x Two-piece patented internal vents?    .    1 x Bottle brush,?    .    1 x Cleaning brush?    .    2 x Storage/travel caps.?    .    InstructionsEverything you need to help feed your new born baby
The patented internal vent in the bottles eliminates the vacuum and air bubbles in the feed
Clinically proven to help reduce wind related colic
The positive pressure created by the Dr Brown’s system prevents the teat collapsing
The Microwave Steriliser in the set effectively sterilises Dr Brown’s bottles & accessories killing all household bacteria

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