Doubleme Baby Handprint and Footprint Picture Frame Kit, 2 photos and 2 prints, Memorable Keepsakes for Newborn and Twins, Baby Shower Gifts, Wood Frame with Safe Clay, White

Recommended Age: 0 – 3 Years (and more, if only with hand or Foot Prints).

How to use:
Step 1: remove the Clay from the packaging and knead for 3 to 5 minutes until Soft. Insert the Clay in the Big section of the frame, and the Roller and the Rule used to create a smooth surface.
Step 2: press the hand and the foot of their baby in the Clay to make prints. The Soft Clay to Mold and remove several times until it is perfectly happy with his Mark.
Step 3:Prepare two images and paste in the photo position. Then remove the Protection of the front and rear piece of Acrylic Glass. Place the Acrylic glass on the silhouette of the framework, and the framework put together. Now You are ready to enjoy a wonderful Memory that bring a smile to your face every time you see it!

1. After opening the package, you should use the Clay as soon as possible, otherwise, it may influence the result of use due to the evaporation of water.
2. Apply a small amount of Cream for babies in their hands or feet in order to get the best effect and avoid Dry Your Hands or feet. Clean the baby’s hand or Foot immediately at the end of the Printing Press and the Clay away from the mouth, Eyes and Ears.
3. Put the Clay produced in the Natural Condition for 48 hours, and then you can preserve Forever.

Doubleme kit includes:
1x Instruction in English and Spanish in the process of Elaboration of the handprints
1x White Real Wood frame for two pictures and two Impressions
6 x Clay safe for babies
1x transparent Acrylic Glass and resistant
1x wooden roller
1x Wood Rule
1x Double Side adhesive tape to fix your photos【 A wonderful Gift for two children 】The beautiful frame has two pictures and two prints, memories can store more in comparison with other frames in the market, is a special gift for the records of baptisms, birthdays, baby showers, or even as a gift for the whole family, and your friend will appreciate all his life! Photo Size: 6.7 x 6.7 cm; The footprint Size: 11.6 x 15.6 cm.
【 Safe to use 】 The clay is non-toxic and safe for contact with the skin and air-Dried, don’t need for mixing or Baking. The transparent acrylic glass is more resistant and safe for babies.
【 Simple DIY Craft 】A perfect printing can be produced in a few minutes: Simply knead the soft clay, and then roll the impressions of hands / feet of the baby, add photos and ready to show.
【 Decorations for room wall or table decor 】The frame is also a decorative element of the house. The suspension of the wall can hang in any place to decorate your room. The frame also offers another way of showing the prints in all regular or desktop platforms.
【 Unforgettable Memories 】Babies grow and change so fast, don’t miss the opportunity to preserve those sweet and small prints in this elegant and keep loving memory forever.

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