Double Vinyl Plastic Fitted Mattress Bed Cover Sheet Protector

These Double size mattress protector sheets are made of soft PVC plastic and have elasticated corners for secure and easy fitting. They are suitable for adults and children with incontinence and bed wetting problems and will ensure your mattress remains dry in the event of any accidents. The soft, thin PVC material helps to prevent moisture and bacteria building up which means you won’t sweat like you can do with some thicker mattress protector sheets. Dimensions (Single): 137cm x 190cm x 20cm (54″ x 75″ x 8″ approx)Double Size Mattress Protector
Size: 137cm x 190cm x 20cm (54″ x 75″ x 8″ approx)
Elastic Fitting
Made from Soft, Thin PVC Plastic.

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