Dotty Fish Soft Leather Baby Shoes with Non Slip Suede Soles. Toddler Shoes. Cream and Brown Shoe with Lion Design. Boys and Girls.6-12 Months

Our Soft Leather Baby and Toddler Shoes are perfect for any active little ones! The soft leather upper is flexible enough for developing feet and protects them while crawling. The non-slip suede soles ensure that your toddler can run around without the worry of slipping on hard surfaces such as wooden floors and tiles.

It is recommended that babies and toddlers wear soft leather shoes as opposed to hard soled shoes as much as possible. Toddlers who are just finding their feet will benefit from soft leather shoes as the soft soles allow their feet to feel the floor beneath them which naturally strengthen their feet. The slip resistant soles also help them grip to the floor and not slide around. High quality leather is also beneficial for babies as they are breathable, lightweight and comfortable.

We recommend cleaning your Dotty Fish shoes with a damp sponge using a mild detergent if needed. Leave them to air dry completely. Suede soles can be cleaned using a suede brush. We do not recommend machine washing our leather shoes.

The best way to get the right fit is to measure your child’s feet. Our step by step guide shows you how to do this.
Step 1: Place a piece of paper on a hard floor surface and tape it down so it doesn’t move.
Step 2: Ask your child to stand on the paper or gently place their foot on the paper.
Step 3: Mark off the back of the heel and the tip of the longest toe using your pencil. Make sure your child’s foot hasn’t moved between markings.
Step 4: Repeat this for both feet.
Step 5: Measure the distance between the two marks. Make a note of this and then use the biggest foot measurement as the one you use when choosing which size to buy.
Step 6: On our size guide within the product images you will find your measurement in cm, use this to order the correct size for your child.

Orders are delivered on a standard Royal Mail service, which is not tracked.PREMIUM SOFT LEATHER baby shoes with non-slip tan suede soles, in a variety of designs including Animals, Trasport and Stars
The STRETCHY ELASTICATED ANKLE TRIM keeps shoes snugly on the foot, so no more lost socks or shoes!
GET THE RIGHT FIT by measuring your child’s feet! See our ‘How To’ in the product description and size guide within the product images.
ALL DOTTY FISH LEATHER IS CHROME FREE AND LABORATORY TESTED to ensure there are no harmful chemicals.
SEARCH DOTTY FISH for more Soft Leather Baby Shoes and other items, for Newborn’s to toddlers up to 4-5 years of age.

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