Donald Trump Declares Hurricane Florence ‘One Of The Wettest We’ve Seen From The Standpoint Of Water’

Donald Trump/Twitter

Donald Trump in the video 

Donald Trump has thanked the authorities and emergency services for their handling of Hurricane Florence, in a video that sees him declare the storm “one of the wettest we’ve ever seen from the standpoint of water”.

The hurricane made landfall last week and has left destruction in its wake, with flood levels still rising in states including South Carolina.

The President made his comment in a short video that was shared on his Twitter page, in which he also declared that the hurricane was “tough” three times. “Rarely have we had an experience like it and it certainly is not good,” he said.

Hurricane Florence has left 32 people dead and over 1 million without power. It’s currently unclear how many properties have been damaged but authorities had estimated that 10 million homes were under threat.

See the video below: 

“There’s been a loss of life and may god be with them and their families, Trump adds. “That’s a tough one. It’s tough to understand but this has been a really difficult time for a lot of people.”

Thanking the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), law enforcement officers and coastguards, he concludes: “What you’ve done in saving so many lives has been something really special.

“Florence has been a nasty one. A big one.”

Trump is expected to visit the Carolines today, with CNN reporting that he will be accompanied on Air Force One by two Republican senators.

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