Dolphin Blue SwimFin

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NOTE: SwimFin comes in ONE SIZE only and includes the straps

How does it work?

With the beginner, the body is lower in the water causing SwimFin to be more submerged (imagine pushing a beach ball under the water). This gives the swimmer more uplift and support without the arms being restricted (as can be the case using armbands). For the really confident beginners SwimFin could replace the armbands forever!

As confidence grows, there is a more improved body position [and this is the clever bit] SwimFin appears more out of the water and now gives a little less support. Generally at this stage of the swimmers progression the armbands or other devices would be reduced. SwimFin does it automatically, working with the swimmers natural ability but also giving immediate support if required. The swimmer learns to trust their SwimFin.

In a horizontal position, SwimFin is virtually out of the water giving very little or no support. However the learner grows in confidence knowing that support is there if needed. Even better swimmers can wear it all the time. Remember, if it is out of the water it is no longer a buoyancy aid and because it is streamlined, will not impede movement through the water.

SwimFin is also great for swimming on the back. The learner simply leans on the SwimFin and, because it provides maximum uplift (the beach ball syndrome) it replaces the need for teacher or parent to provide support. It also works in a keel like fashion (as on a yacht) giving stability. This encourages a better streamlined leg kick which in turn helps to establish balance. If required, the swimmer only needs to roll to the side and SwimFin will turn the child onto its front and help establish and maintain a safe and secure standing upright position in the water.

It attaches to the swimmers back with two velcro straps (supplied), one under the arms and the other round the waist. It is made from crossed linked, closed cell expanded polyethylene and weighs 160g.

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