Doctor Who Fans Are Over The Moon As David Tennant And Catherine Tate Announce Return

No sooner was it confirmed that Ncuti Gatwa would be taking over from Jodie Whittaker as the lead in Doctor Who, it’s also been revealed that a familiar face will be returning to the show.

On Sunday night, the BBC revealed that David Tennant, who portrayed the tenth incarnation of The Doctor, will be back in action in honour of Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary in 2023.

He’ll also be joined by Catherine Tate, who played the Doctor’s much-loved companion Donna Noble.

Joking about the mysterious nature of David and Catherine’s impending comeback, returning showrunner Russell T Davies said: “They’re back! And it looks impossible – first, we announce a new Doctor, and then an old Doctor, along with the wonderful Donna, what on earth is happening?

“Maybe this is a missing story. Or a parallel world. Or a dream, or a trick, or a flashback.”

David and Catherine are returning to Doctor Who after over a decade
David and Catherine are returning to Doctor Who after over a decade

Alistair Heap/BBC Studios via PA Media

“The only thing I can confirm is that it’s going to be spectacular, as two of our greatest stars reunite for the battle of a lifetime,” he added.

And while Doctor Who devotees struggled to work out exactly what the duo’s return meant, there were few complaints from the show’s loyal fanbase at the prospect of having David back at the helm of the Tardis:

In fact, the announcement generated so much buzz that it crashed the Doctor Who website…

A synopsis teasing David and Catherine’s Doctor Who return mentioned Donna’s memory being wiped in her final appearance, noting that the Doctor had “left her family with a warning: if ever she remembers, she will die”.

The BBC added: “But with the two coming face to face once more, the big question is, just what brings the Doctor and Donna back together?”.

David Tennant served as the lead in Doctor Who between 2005 and 2010.

He also made a brief return in the special 2013 episode The Day Of The Doctor, in which he shared the screen with his successor, Matt Smith.

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