Do Men Really Have More Sexual Partners Than Women?

When a guy tells you the number of people he’s slept with, it’s likely to be more of an estimate than an exact calculation, according to a new study. This might go some way towards explaining the disparity between the average number of sexual partners between men and women.

Researchers analysed the responses of men and women from a British sex habits survey of 15,000 people. Results found that men reported an average of 14 lifetime partners while women reported seven – and University of Glasgow researchers wanted to know why. 

“We found three main factors that explained two-thirds of the gap: a greater tendency among men to report extreme values, a greater tendency among women to count rather than estimate, and gendered difference towards casual and non-exclusive sex,” lead author Dr Kirstin Mitchell, from University of Glasgow, told HuffPost UK.

Individuals who reported very high numbers of partners skewed the average, and this effect was stronger for men than women. Men and women at the top end…

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