Disposable Sterliser Bags (7 day supply)

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Travel Tip – each bag is hygienically sealed so pack a couple in your hand luggage, handbag, and suitcases – just in case the airline lose your luggage – this way you will always be able to sterilise where ever you are.

Are a safe and convenient way to sterilise baby’s utensils, especially when travelling. They eliminate the problem of transporting bulky, plastic sterilising systems, microwave or steam sterilisers that may not operate on foreign voltages.

Each bag is a totally self-contained steriliser unit lasting up to 24 hours and will hold at one time a maximum of 4 standard or 3 wide neck bottles. They are safe to use with foreign water and each sachet has clearly printed instructions to enable use without carrying the main pack with you. Great for travelling parents, grandparents and occasional child minders. 7 days supply.Includes Tablets
Ideal for holidays, short breaks or home use
Sterilises in 30 minutes
Fits easily into a pocket or handbag
Individually wrapped for use as required

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