Didsbury Mosque Imam Caught On Tape Appearing To 'Call For Jihad', Report Claims

An Imam at a Manchester mosque where terrorist Salman Abedi worshipped has been caught on tape appearing to call for military or armed jihad, BBC News claims. 

The corporation has obtained a recording of a sermon delivered by Mustafa Graf at Didsbury Mosque on 16 December 2016, six months before Abedi killed 22 people by detonating a suicide bomb during an Ariana Grande concert in the city on 22 May. 

Two Muslim scholars who listened to the recording told the BBC that they believed the language used in the sermon represents a call for armed jihad.

But Graf denied the claim and said he has never preached Islamic extremism. 

Before his death, Abedi and his family regularly attended Disbury Mosque, where his father sometimes led the call to prayer.

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