Diaper Bag Backpack by Boobaboo, Changing mat, Bottle Warmer, Stroller Straps Set, Baby Nappy Changing Bag Organizer, Travel Multi-Function Large Bag for mums and dads,Grey, Stylish and Durable

Are you looking for the perfect diaper bag for yourself or your partner? Perhaps you cannot decide on the perfect maternity gift? If so, look no further! We proudly present our unisex diaper carrier, designed and created by Boobaboo, a team of experienced parents to make every parent’s life easier. The ergonomics of the bag ensure simple, easy access to all the pockets allowing you to grab your things fast. You will find a distinct compartment designed for storing hot liquids, equipped with a solid closing system to ensure safety of your child or anyone around you. It is fitted with a high quality insulation to guarantee a high thermal performance and to minimise temperature loss from your bottle. You do not even need to take the whole bag with you, as this is a separate element. While changing your child’s nappy you no longer have to worry about your baby falling off the changing mat. We made it bigger to maintain your child’s safety and comfort while keeping its portable features to enable carrying it around easily. The fabric the mat is made of has a smooth, lovely finish that will be loved by you and your child, at the same time being super- easy to wash under the tap. We all use wet wipes and its one of the most common things we use in our daily lives while upbringing our kids. This is why we added a hassle-free and quick access pocket for storing them to make your everyday life even easier. An additional, specifically designed compartment allows you to safely store damp items without affecting any other articles in the sack. We spent a lot time discussing our ideas with other parents in order to design a diaper bag that will help you solve most of your baby-changing issues when on the go, without compromising on quality or reliability. That is how we came up with the Boobaboo bag and we are certain you will not regret getting one.The multi-functionality of our product allows you to easily and comfortably pack all your necessities for all kinds of trips; be it for a stroll around the park or for longer voyages such as family holidays – that is where our unique suitcase strap comes in super-handy.
The easily adjustable thickly padded straps were designed to suit your comfort. If you want to use this bag as a handheld carrier then the fastenings are easily removed so that they do not get in your way. However, should you want to secure your Boobaboo bag to a stroller or a suitcase, we provide you with strong straps designed to fit any type of a buggy or a luggage.
Our bag is made from a high quality water resistant material, making it easy to clean and to prevent staining.
By selecting our bag you can rest assured that you have chosen a top of the range product. Our zips have been thoroughly tested to provide a long-lasting performance and reliability. You can be certain that our bag will last much longer than any alternative available on the market, as it is our objective to make parents’ life much easier.
A specially designed compartment allows you to store your wet wipes without affecting any other items in the sack.

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