DGT 1001 Universal Game Timer – Black

Time forms an integral and exciting part of every sport, especially in mind sports and games such as Chess, Go, Draughts (Checkers), Shogi, Stratego, Othello and ScrabbleTM. The difference in skill and playing strength between players is not only determined by the potential performance level and decisions each individual player takes, but also by the time a player needs to reach this level and to make the decisions. The more a sport is seen as a measure of performance, the more important it is to limit the time a player needs to make a move. This must be done in a way which is most appropriate for the game and the sport concerned. DGT clocks offer many different methods for the timing of a game. While several methods are well-known, others may be less familiar. Some of these methods have been in use for a long time; others are the result of the possibilities offered by modern electronics. Each timing method has its own charm and each has a different influence on the manner in which a sport is experienced. We recommend players experiment with the various methods our game timers offer. It will definitely add an extra dimension to your favourite sport or game. The Family Review Center gave its Seal of Approval and Editor’s Choice Awards to the DGT1001 because it is: “Easy to understand and use right out of the box. Great for count up or count down. Small and compact, so easy to transport from place to place. Solid design and standard features make this a great companion to every chess lover. Works well for other games as well.” DGT1001 – perfect simplicity in game timing!Product Has The Dimensions Of – 155 x 60 x 42 Mm.
Including Batteries, 1 X Aa R6P 1.5 V.
Made From High Quality Plastic Material.
Made In Germany.
DGT 1001 is suitable for any school
Time setting between 1 second and 9 hours and 30 minutes
Dimension 155 x 60 x 42 mm

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