Despite Today's Indefensible Delay, This Government Is Determined Make Upskirting A Specific Sexual Offence

Taking pictures up a woman’s skirt is a truly insidious and lewd act. We’ve seen this behaviour time and time again in clubs, bars, on the tube, and even by paparazzi. Men who perversely believe they have the right to grossly invade a woman’s privacy in a predatory act. The time is long overdue for legislation to be updated and for upskirting specifically to be criminalised.

Yet today one MP, and let’s be clear that it was just one MP who on this issue stands isolated from MPs both across the House and on the Conservative benches, decided to use an antiquated and arcane rule that allowed just one objection from a MP to halt this necessary law from passing.

Why this bill is needed?

Upskirting is technically already illegal if victims pursue perpetrators under voyeurism or public decency laws, but it is not specifically set out in law making it difficult for police to tackle. Friday’s bill would have made it a specific offence, resulting in it being far easier to prosecute, and carrying a two-year prison sentence and a place on the sex offenders list for the most heinous perpetrators. This would strengthen the ability of both the police and the CPS to secure justice for victims.

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