'Dancing On Ice': 22 Filming Secrets We Learnt During An Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Tour

‘Dancing On Ice’ has been dazzling viewers since the New Year so we were super excited for the chance to have a snoop behind-the-scenes.

Guided by professional skater Matt Evers, HuffPost UK were treated to a tour of the purpose-built studios and had a good nose round the changing rooms and top-secret (well, secret until now) production areas. 

Here’s everything we learnt during our visit… 

1. The entire studio was purpose built in a Hertfordshire airfield, on top of an old RAF runway.

2. The airfield is often used by movie crews and over the years, scenes for ‘Star Wars: A Rogue One Story’, ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Fast And Furious’ have all been filmed there.

3. Pro skater Matt Evers has an unexpected family tie to the airfield. “My grandfather used to fly out of here as an American pilot in WWII,” he revealed. “He was based in Bovingdon.”

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