Dad-To-Be's Hilarious 'Labour Dance' While Dressed As A Nurse Brought On Girlfriend's Contractions

A dad-to-be managed to sneak on a nurse’s uniform and performed a hilarious dance to help his partner through labour.

Bruno Bertulli, 23, said he and Holly Kane, 21, had been waiting in the hospital for a while, so he wanted to do something to entertain them both.

“I just snuck off to see what I could find and came across the nurse’s things,” he said. “That’s just me. It’s just how I am.

“When I came back in I did the dance to make us feel better.”

Kane had been admitted to Heartlands Hospital in Birmingham after doctors detectedher baby’s heart rate was speeding up and slowing down rapidly.

Midwives were worried that the umbilical cord had wrapped around the baby, so they broke Kane’s waters.

An hour later, Bertulli decided to dress up to entertain Kane. He wore…

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