Dad Brings Son's Drawings To Life In Incredible Fashion

A dad decided to do something creative with the wacky drawings his son often hands him.

The father, whose name is not known, uses Photoshop to bring his son Dom’s drawings to life – however crazy they are.

The photos have been posted on the Instagram account, ‘Things I Have Drawn’.

“My name’s Dom and I’ve joined Instagram to show how amazing at drawing I am,” the account description reads. “Dad takes the photos.”

The dad uses real-life scenes with slight modifications to replicate his son’s drawings. 

First, Dom describes what he has drawn on Instagram. 

“Here is the lifecycle of a butterfly, look on the right at that funny little guy,” he captioned the photo above. 

“I saw him in the garden, just there on the ground. Although I think the arrows might be the wrong way round.”

He then uploads a photo of the life-like representation created by his dad. 

And there’s plenty more where that came from.

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