Crossing The Nullarbor: Australia's Longest Highway

The longest stretch of straight road in Australia, lies somewhere between Western Australia and South Australia along one of the country’s most famed highways, the Eyre Highway stretching across The Nullarbor Plain. From Norseman on the border of Western Australia to the Victoria Desert, driving the ‘Nullarbor’ as it’s known to Aussies, is a cross-country road trip like no other.

The Nullarbor Plain is the literal definition of ‘open-road’, it’s some 1,700 kilometres joining the East and West Coasts of Australia together through desert, coastal cliffs and arid plains complete with huge eagles, stray cattle and of course, plenty of kangaroos.

The name Nullarbor is taken from the Latin words nullus meaning ‘no’ and arbor meaning ‘tree’, translating to an open road with no trees (which isn’t entirely true.)


The Nullarbor is long, sparse but extremely beautiful and raw. Image: @mermaid_tales_adventure

It’s a barren trip and one that shouldn’t be taken light in preparation; with petrol, fresh water and food at times hours away, understanding where pit stops are and packing correctly can literally be the difference between life and death if you run into trouble.

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