Crisp Making Hit By Brexit Labour Shortage, Reveals UK Food Federation Chief

Crisp production is being hit by a Brexit-induced labour shortage, the chief of the UK’s food federation has said during his starkest warning yet over a drop in migrant workers.

In an interview with HuffPost UK, Food and Drink Federation boss Ian Wright called on the Government to do more to reassure EU migrants they are welcome in the country as companies across the sector experience staff shortages.

Wright said an owner of a medium-sized crisp manufacturer told him his factory is having to operate with a 10% drop in the work force – meaning a loss in productivity – as fewer migrants are traveling to the UK for work.

The food and drink industry is the UK’s biggest manufacturing sector and contributes £28.2billion to the economy, meaning any slow-down in productivity could have implications for the country’s finances.

Speaking from his office in central London just hours after Theresa May published an open letter telling EU migrants she wanted them to stay in the UK, Wright called for the Government to go further.

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