Cosy Grips Single Bed Duvet Clips – Holders Fasteners Grippers Bedding Sheet Straps

Cosy Grips are designed to hold the duvet in place – an affordable solution for restless sleepers. Cosy Grips are especially helpful for young children transitioning to a full size bed. It consists of a pair of fabric friendly grips attached at either end of an elastic strip. Cosy Grips should be positioned about two-thirds of the way down the bed. Simply shake a little of the cover from the duvet and insert the material between the rubber tongue and plastic support. Push the rubber tongue right through the plastic support until it pops out on the other side, firmly securing the material in place. Run the elastic strip underneath the mattress and attach the grip to the duvet cover material as before. NB this size is designed for single beds and is not suitable for use with cots or cot beds.Cosy Grips are designed to keep the duvet in place
Prevents your child waking up cold in the night, if they tend to kick off the covers
Suitable for adults, children, elderly and disabled
Single bed size (not suitable for cots or cot beds)
Simply and easily fitted under the mattress, fabric friendly fasteners

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