Clap For Carers: ITV To Briefly Pause Channel To Allow Viewers To Take Part


People in Woodford Green join in a national applause for the NHS from their doorsteps, windows and balconies

ITV’s chief executive Carolyn McCall has said: “ITV is joining the rest of the country in thanking everyone in the NHS and carers who are doing such a vital and fantastic role – so we will pause our programming at 8pm to applaud the heroes within the NHS for the remarkable efforts they are making, and raise as much money for NHS charities as we can thanks to our viewers’ generosity.”

The broadcaster’s decision was praised by Clap For Carers creator Annemarie Plas, who said she was “delighted” by the move.

“I am really delighted that ITV is backing the initiative to clap for all who are out there taking care of us, and helping keep that Thursday 8pm moment alive,” she explained. 

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