Children Should Sit Exams Earlier To Cope With Test Stress, Says School Standards Minister

Children should sit exams earlier on in their education to help them cope with exam pressures, the School Standards Minister has said.

Nick Gibb told a joint hearing of the Health and Education Select Committees that exam pressures have “always been there”.

“The way to deal with exam pressures is to make sure that young people have taken exams earlier on in their school career – at the end of Year 7 at the end of Year 8 and so on – so they are used to taking exams,” he said.

But Labour’s Emma Hardy told the Minister: “Basically you are talking about exam pressure that is constant, that is in every year group for every subject for every pupil.

“How many subjects in each year? Is it nine, is it 10? And they’re having to do that every single year.

“It’s not the same when you were at school, or when I went to school, when we had that pressure at the end of GCSE year. You are giving our young people a constant, unending pressure for exams in every year group.”

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