Chicco answer all your bottle-feeding questions

Chicco answer all your bottle-feeding questionsAs a mum, feeding can be one of your biggest worries. This Wednesday (December 7), we will be joined by experts from Chicco, who will be on hand to offer their expertise on how to achieve problem-free feeding with your little one.

Join us on the M&B Facebook page from 7pm – 8pm, where Chicco will be offering advice and tips for all your feeding queries. They will also be answering any questions you have on their new NaturalFeeling feeding range.

Chicco are the experts in providing products, which allow you to experience the magic of bonding with your baby.

The innovative range of NaturalFeeling bottles have been designed with a truly angled teat, which replicates the instinctive way your baby feeds. This unique design helps prevent colic and makes the transition between breast and bottle easier than ever before for mums, leading to 9/10 babies showing immediate acceptance when using the bottles for the first time.

To hear more about this exciting range and get all your feeding questions answered, tune in on Wednesday on Facebook. 

All your baby feeding questions answered on Facebook!

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