Cheatwell Games Know Your Partner Game

Know Your Partner Quiz GameThis fantastic game of knowledge will put your brains and relationship to the test as you play this Know Your Partner Quiz Game. How well do you really know your partner? Really?… You’ll soon find out!Guaranteed laughter for two or more couples as you face a variety of revealing questions regarding your tastes, personal habits and love life.The aim of the game is to put the same answer as your partner but will your partner bluff or tell the truth? If you bluff you’d better be sure your partner does too or they might reveal a slightly embarrassing secret about you.Only by playing this game can you hope to find the answers!! Requirements: 2 + Couples, Adults OnlyThis delightful game of knowledge has a personal twist! Do you know your partner? Do you REALLY know your partner?! Play this game and you’re about to find out!
Humourous fun for two or more couples, you’ll face a host of revealing questions to do with your love life, your tastes and your personal habbits.
All you have to do is guess exactly how your partner will answer…while they must guess the same about you! Do you tell the truth or should you bluff….? If you bluff, how sure can you be that your partner won’t reveal the truth?!
Only by playing this game can you hope to find the answers!!

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