CBeebies Creates Slow TV 'Daydream' To Help Kids Wind Down

CBeebies has launched an online video to help kids wind down, which shows children walking through a forest, playing with bubbles and splashing in puddles. However there is some debate over whether screen time is the best way of getting kids to relax. 

The ‘slow TV’ show is called ‘Daydreams’ and encourages kids to “take the time to notice the beauty in the world” by watching the earth’s elements: water, wind and light. It combines long, slow montages of calming images, with a narration by Olivia Colman and music by dance artist Tom Jenkinson.

It is deliberately slow – each shot lasts long enough for children to have time to take in everything that is featured. Colman’s voiceover guides kids to help them pay attention to the detail of the world they experience and parents can select short sections of the 60-minute-long film for their kids to watch during periods when they want them to wind down.  

“I do think there is a place for something like this if used and managed well,” Maryanne Taylor, a member of the British Sleep Society and owner of The Sleep Works tells HuffPost UK. “However, it throws up a few questions such as what time of day parents will use it.”

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