Cash Machines Closing At A Rate Of More Than 250 A Month

Free-to-use cash machines closed down at a rate of more than 250 a month in the first half of the year, sparking concerns that small business are losing out.

The number of ATMs fell by 1,300 to 53,200 between the end of January and the start of July, a report from cash machine network LINK revealed.

The 2% reduction in free-to-use machines reflects a fall in the demand for cash as newer payment methods – such as contactless – become more dominant.

Meanwhile, pay-to-use ATMs fell by 11%, leading to a loss of 1,500 machines. There are now 11,900 of the facilities dotted around the UK.

A total of 76 protected ATMs – those which are located one kilometre or more away from one another – were lost…

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