Carillion Collapse: Justice Ministers Under Fire For Failing To Wrest Control Of Prison Maintenance From Firm

HMP Pentonville toilet
Carillion was handed millions but was failing to maintain British prisons

Public cash was thrown at Carillion to maintain British prisons despite ministers twice admitting the soon-to-go-bust firm was failing to deliver.

Cells were left with smashed windows while inmates lived in squalor and, in some cases, were unable to access a towel and soap. 

But the Government still handed Carillion almost £100m from the public purse over the course of two years despite warnings.  

Outsourcing and construction giant Carillion – which employs 20,000 British people – went into liquidation on Monday after issuing a major profits warning last year. 

It has public sector or public/private partnership contracts worth a staggering £1.7bn, including providing school dinners, cleaning and catering at NHS hospitals, building HS2 and maintaining 50,000 army base homes for the Ministry of Defence.

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