Career Advice to My Younger Self: 'Focus On The Job In Hand, Not The Next Step'

Ahead of International Women’s Day 2018,  inspirational women share the things they wish they’d known earlier in their careers. Here, entrepreneur Lana Elie shares her advice; catch up on thoughts from MP Chi Onwurah. 

Lana Elie’s CV would be a lifetime’s work for many, documenting her progress from personal assistant to CEO. But Elie, now 30, did it in just six years – and is still frustrated she didn’t get there sooner. “I had lots of moments when I tried to do it when I was younger. I would start things, not finish them and get down on myself about it,” she admits.

Starting in a PA role at Burberry, Parisian born Elie quickly moved on to a creative role at an agency, then to iD magazine as their head of branded content. Despite working full time, her entrepreneurial mind was racing.

It was the idea for Floom – an online marketplace for artisanal florists across the UK, and now the US – that finally made her hand in her notice and go solo. “I am impatient, I see a lot of people just sitting around being comfortable,” she says. 

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