Bumbo Floor Seat and Play Tray Combo Pack (Aqua)

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Bumbo Floor Seat With its contoured seat design the award winning Bumbo Floor Seat is the perfect first seat for babies as it enables them to maintain a sitting position before they are able to sit upright on their own The Bumbo Floor Seat allows parents to play with read to and feed their baby comfortably on the floor This seat is made of low density foam which is comfortable for babies and easy to clean for parents The seat is also portable and lightweight which makes it perfect for use in any room in the house It includes a three point harness to help keep babies positioned in their seat Engage with Your Baby The Bumbo Floor Seat allows parents to engage with their baby during key developmental milestones Once a baby is able to support his or her own head but are not sitting upright on their own the Floor Seat enables babies to maintain a sitting position on the floor This is great for parents who want to sit with and play feed or read to their baby comfortably on the floor It allows babies to see their surroundings from a new perspective and engage with the family The seat can be used after babies are sitting upright on their own but will be outgrown at different stages There are accessories available for the Floor Seat including the Play Tray and Seat Cover The Play Tray is great for playtime and feeding time The Seat Cover adds even more flair to your Floor Seat and with different patterns parents can chose one that reflects their own personality Safety Instructions The Bumbo Floor Seat should not be used until a baby can support his or her head Parents should never use the Floor Seat on a raised surface and always stay with and watch their baby It is important to read and understand the instructions for safe use that come with this product It includes a detailed overview of responsible use of this product such as always using the 3 point harness and placing the seat on the floor or a level ground surface never on a raised surfaceMade from a soft, lightweight, non-toxic material for comfortable seating
Can be used on any flat floor surface and is durable and easy to clean
Includes a safety harness to keep baby securely in place in the seat
Also includes the easy-clean Bumbo play tray for eating and playing
Ideal from approximately 4-months, suitable up to 10 kg in weight

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