Bullied Syrian Boy Is Taking Legal Action Against Facebook Over Tommy Robinson Posts

A Syrian refugee who was filmed being attacked at school is preparing to sue internet giant Facebook for allowing Tommy Robinson to post false and defamatory allegations about him.

The 16-year-old Syrian boy, known only as Jamal, was shown in the footage being pushed to the ground by another schoolboy at Almondbury Community School in Huddersfield.

The incident took place in October last year but the filmed footage only emerged in December and was viewed millions of times.

Robinson, founder of the English Defence League, waded into the row, claiming the victim had attacked a white girl from the same school, and posting videos on Facebook making accusations against the boy.

Robinson later admitted the claims were untrue and that he had been duped. The Syrian boy’s family lawyer revealed they were taking legal action against him for making “serious allegations” against the teenager.

Tasnime Akunjee, the solicitor acting for the family, has now revealed they are preparing to sue Facebook on behalf of Jamal for allowing Robinson to make his false accusations, and claims the social media giant flouted its own policy.

HuffPost UK

A fundraiser on the Crowd Justice website has been launched on behalf of Jamal to raise money to sue Tommy Robinson and Facebook.

Akunjee told HuffPost UK: “We looked at Tommy Robinson’s Facebook posts and wondered why they were not taken down by Facebook, particularly when Robinson even admitted himself they were inaccurate.

“Facebook seems to have given Tommy Robinson some sort of protected status or immunity from their own terms and conditions.

“We would like some disclosure around what complaints were made to Facebook about these posts, and find out the decisions behind the posts and why Facebook allowed them to remain up.

“If it turns out Facebook made a policy decision to suspend their own policy regarding offensive and defamatory material, our argument will be that they have made an editorial decision around Robinson’s content.

“If Facebook has made an active…

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