Budding Bear Premium Baby Bibs Unisex (pack of 5) – 100% Organic Cotton Bibs – Absorbent Towel Backing baby Dribble Bibs – Grey and White Bibs

Feeding time can be a messy affair but these baby feeding bibs have got you and your baby covered, literally. Available in packs of five they’re an essential item for every parent. Handcrafted using organic cotton, Budding Bear baby and toddler bibs are perfect for mopping up spills at mealtimes as well as soaking up milk or drool dribbles throughout the day. Our baby dribble bibs are reliable and built to last, they’ll keep coming up beautifully soft and spotless after countless 30° washing machine cycles.

With a range of neutral yet stylish designs exclusive to the Budding Bear company, these adorable and comfortable weaning bibs will take your baby or toddler’s cuteness level up a notch or two. Of course, we know that looking drop dead gorgeous while feeding is not high on your little one’s priority list – but hey it doesn’t hurt, does it?

Unlike many other toddler bibs on the market, they give parents the option to choose from one of four snap button positions. With no scratchy touch fastening that can irritate baby’s sensitive skin, they’re quick and easy to fasten or remove on even the wiggliest babies, whilst preventing baby from being able to pull them off themselves.

With silky smooth 100% pure organic cotton fronting and an absorbent polyester towel backing, our weaning bibs are ideal for cleaning up any feeding or spit up mess. Chemical free and hypoallergenic, they’ll fit snugly around your little one’s neck ready to soak up any spills that come its way.

Budding Bear’s bibs for weaning have been tastefully designed using the same prints and patterns as our gorgeous burp cloths, so they pair together perfectly.

At home or out and about, feeding time will be a funky and fuss-free affair! What’s included : 5 x Baby bibs 8.8” x 12.5 ”👶 YOUR BABY PULLS ITS BIB WHILE EATING ? – Once you start using our Budding Bear premium baby bibs meal time hassle will be over. Unlike many other bibs for babies, ours don’t close with scratchy touch fastening but with 4 adjustable and ultra-practical nickel-free snap buttons, which will ensure your little human can’t pull the bib off.
👶 NO MORE MESSY FEEDS – At 8.8 x 12.5 inches in size, our bibs for toddlers are larger than most other dribble bibs and long enough to cover laps so baby’s clothes remain clean during feeds, and yours will too. Meanwhile their ultra-absorbent polyester towel backing will keep your little one’s neck and clothes dry during breastfeeding or bottle feeding.
👶 GENTLE ON BABY – The softness of our premium cotton ensures these organic baby bibs are gentle when wiping even the most sensitive of skin. Say goodbye to wet and mucky clothes, these stylish baby bibs are made with ultra-soft 100% organic cotton on the front and an absorbent polyester towel backing – the perfect protection for baby’s clothes and skin.
👶 GENTLE ON THE PLANET – Committed to the environment as well as your baby’s comfort and wellbeing, our cotton bibs contain no plastic and are ethically hand crafted using third party verified organically sourced cotton, non-toxic chemical free dyes and are packaged using 100% biodegradable materials.
👶 AT BUDDING BEAR WE CARE – Order our reliable baby bibs now and forget about messy feeds!We work hard to guarantee every Budding Bear baby bib is as gorgeous, functional and reliable as we promise them to be and our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority. If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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