Brush-Baby Chewable Toothbrush (Clear)

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Brush- Baby is the first toothbrush designed by a dentist for babies and young children 0-3 years.

Brush- baby combines business with pleasure : baby used instinctively by bringing it to her mouth and enjoys chewing on its flexible textured silicone (latex ) . At the same time , it acts as a toothbrush with its small nubs to gently clean the teeth first .

Inevitable Allied babies and parents during teething so painful , it can be placed in the refrigerator a few minutes to relieve your baby’s gums .

its texture and ergonomic shape make the first brushing teeth a fun time and practice. Brushing your teeth is fun !
The rounded shape of his head can cover half of the gums and easily reaches the back of the baby’s mouth . It is well in hand with its ergonomic handle

Baby Brush the facts :

• Brush- Baby was inspired by a little girl who loved to chew his toothbrush < . br / > • Brush- baby responds to the following problem : how to clean baby teeth and gums to keep his own . 50% of children under 5 suffer from cavities!
• Brush- Baby cleans teeth , massages the gums and relieves during teething .
• Brush- Baby can be used as a toothbrush with toothpaste and cooled in the fridge for better relief during teething .

First toothbrush for babies

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