Breastfeeding Rates In Britain Are Low Due To Pressures From Society, Professor Claims

The number of women breastfeeding in Britain is low due to societal pressures mothers face, a professor has argued. 

In January 2016, a study published in The Lancet, revealed just 0.5% of women in Britain are still breastfeeding one year after becoming mums. This compared to 23% in Germany and 98% in Scandinavian countries. 

Discussing the low rates at the British Science Festival, Professor Amy Brown of Swansea University said the “situation has arisen because of society creating huge problems”.

“New mothers face significant social pressure to ‘get their lives back’ quickly after having a baby – by socialising, getting back in their jeans and keeping their partner happy – which can make breastfeeding so overwhelming,” she said, at the festival on Friday 9 September,

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