Breast surgery after breastfeeding: mums who did it

Young Parents Team

With her full B cup bust size, Sandy (not her real name) used to be the envy of her friends.

But after two childbirths and years of breastfeeding, the 37-year-old stay-at-home mum felt that her breasts seemed to have shrunk considerably.

For one, she could no longer fit into her old bras and bikinis. And then there were the negative comments from her girlfriends about her deflated bust size. 

“I breastfed my two babies for a total of two years. After I stopped nursing, my bust size seemed to have gone down. My breasts were also saggy and seemed to have lost their elasticity,” she laments. Her children are now aged four and two.

Not being able to fill up her bikini tops was particularly upsetting for Sandy, who loves water and outdoor…

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