Bonding With The Kiddos: Six Ideas For Busy Parents

Relax, busy parents. While you are balancing the demands of family life, career, and social commitments, the odds are in your favour when it comes to parenting. More recent studies still affirm the importance of the way you spend time with your children. So it’s not really the length of time you log but the value you create while you’re with them. Here are some tried-and-tested ways to bond with your kids to help lessen the guilt you might be feeling.

Playing, reading, bathing

Parents can take turns overseeing these activities. Depending on your schedules, you can alternate during weeknights and then pair up during weekends. Though basic, these to-dos are important in establishing an emotional connection with your kids early on. A study on nearly 6,500 11-year-olds in south-west England showed that children whose fathers had positive involvement in their care while they were still babies or toddlers reduced their likelihood of having behavioural problems. On a practical level, enjoying these tiny, isolated moments can help build your confidence in raising the little ones.

Working out with your kids


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Have you heard about the South Korean celebrity dad who completed the Ironman Triathlon with his triplets? While you aren’t expected to accomplish a similar feat, you can still bring the kids once they’re old enough to run or cycle with you at the park. Or satisfy your cardio requirements by taking the plunge at the pool with the tykes. You can also start with something as simple as warming up with jumping jacks and body stretches. While you’re at it, embed in their young minds the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle.

Sending your preteens/teens off to school

As working parents, you can still preserve the earliest part of your day to bond with your preteen or teenager. We’re talking about driving your children to or dropping off your children at school occasionally. According to experts, you can use these short time periods to listen and understand the needs of your…

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