Blulu Baby Safety Anti-Collision Edge Corner Guard Protector Cushion (12 Pack)

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It is designed for protecting baby to avoid accidental danger, which is caused by hitting table or counter corners. The material of this guard is PVC that is safe and flexible. It is easy to remove, and will not impact the beauty of furniture.

Installation direction:
1. Clean up dirt, oil or dust of surface and inside of the guard, then allow to dry completely.
2. Remove three adhesive backing and apply to the inside of guard, and then compact the guard to the corner on proper position. Please press down firmly to avoid air bubbles.

All three inner layer surfaces of the guard must be applied to the adhesive.
This is not a toy, please do not give children to play to avoid accidental ingestion.
Please do not touch the sticker by hand or stick it repeatedly, which will make the sticker weak to use.
Adult supervision cannot be replaced by this guard.
Please stop using when the adhesive is no longer secure.

Package includes:
12 * Corner guards with adhesive
Keep your baby away from dangerous sharp edges and corners, and the corner can be completely surrounded by this ball shaped guard
Can be removed from your table easily and quickly when you don’t need them
Made of safe PVC material; With adhesives to apply three inner layer of each guard to the sharp corner
Please make sure applying three adhesive to the every inner layer of guard, if only apply one adhesive, the guard may not be fixed firmly
Semi-translucent guards will not effect home beauty

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