'Black Mirror': 22 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets Revealed

‘Black Mirror’ is one of those shows where everyone has a theory about their favourite episode, everyone wants to know about how their favourite scene came to be and everyone wants to know what those behind the scenes have up their sleeve.

To help answer some of those questions, and treat fans to an unprecedented stroll behind the scenes, producers Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones have helped put together ‘Inside Black Mirror’ a new book offering the inside scoop on one of the most talked-about shows of the last decade.

With the pair taking each episode in turn and picking it apart as they reminisce, ‘Inside Black Mirror’ is chock full of trivia and facts about the popular anthology series. While we won’t spill all of the book’s secrets, here are just some of the most intriguing facts we found out along the way…

1. ‘I’m A Celebrity’ was an unlikely inspiration for the very first episode of ‘Black Mirror’

“The National Anthem was about humiliation and the public’s appetite for humiliation,” Annabel says. “The public will celebrate anyone if they are prepared to humiliate themselves for the public’s entertainment. Celebrities had begun to realise this: some were going on I’m A Celebrity for redemption, and others to try and extend their careers.”

Channel 4

2. The episode famously centres around a fictional Prime Minister and a pig, but there had been other animals in the frame for a while too

Channel 4’s Head Of Comedy Shane Allen recalls “a debate about why it had to be a pig”, claiming a duck would have been “too small and absurd”, while a “horse or donkey” would be “too cinematically cumbersome”.

3. ‘The National Anthem’ was named, in part, after a Radiohead song, though it didn’t make it into the episode

“Often I’ll name things after songs,” Charlie explains. “But that one just came up on Spotify and I thought it was a good title… there’s a sort of chorus of people throughout the…

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