BitsyBoo Baby Lollipop Teether – 100% Food-Grade Silicone Soother in Vibrant Colour for Teething Babies – Soft Sensory Chew Toy for Gum Pain Relief and Tooth Care – Best Gift for Toddler and New Mum

A baby will grow 19 teeth within 7 to 24 months.

It is very exciting for parents to see how their little one starts to grow their teeth, but it can also be quite a frustrating stage. When the gums prepare for the eruption of the first tooth, babies will feel pain and discomfort. Their gums could get itchy and sore, making them fussy and irritable.

To try to relieve these uncomfortable feelings, babies will bite and chew anything they come in contact with. Even their little fingers and hands! To help your little angel manage, you can use teething gel or an ice pack. But if you want to make it more satisfying and enjoyable for your child, a teether should be a better choice.

Soothe teething pains the fun way with BitsyBoo Baby Lollipop Teether!

Take advantage of your baby’s love for chewing and biting with this handy teether. Shaped and designed like a real, yummy lollipop, your little one’s brain will stimulate an increase in the production of saliva, which can promote healthier teeth and gums.

Our teether is made of a safe silicone material that does not contain any harmful chemicals like BPA. It has been approved by the FDA to be safe for infant use. The silicone is soft and flexible for easy chewing and biting but durable enough to not tear to bits and pieces.

This teething toy also has a multi-textured surface on both sides, giving it an extra soothing effect on the gums and tongue. You can lace it with pain relief gel or fresh fruit juice to make chewing more interesting.

More reasons for mums and babies to love our chew toy:

🍭 Resistant to both heat and cold
🍭 Just wash it with soapy water, rinse thoroughly, and sterilize before first use
🍭 All the edges are soft and rounded

Make teething an enjoyable experience for you and your baby. Add the BitsyBoo Baby Lollipop Teether to your basket TODAY!🍭 SAFE & NON-TOXIC – This lollipop teether for baby is made of food-grade, BPA-free silicone. It does not contain or leach chemicals that may harm an infant’s gum, teeth and overall health.
🍭 LOOKS GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT – Pretty colours and accurate shape mimic the sweet treat effectively. This realistic lolly design entices your baby and stimulates salivation for healthier teeth and gums.
🍭 GENTLE TEXTURED SURFACE – This chewable baby toy is surrounded by subtle grooves that provide relief and oral stimulation. They also help clean teeth, gums and tongue from food and milk debris
🍭 FRIDGE & DISHWASHER SAFE – Put the silicone teether in the fridge to give it an extra cooling effect, helping numb teething pain and discomfort. Throw it in the dishwasher for a thorough clean.
🍭 BONUS CARRY CASE – Keep this baby teether clean and free of germs with the clear hanging carrying case provided. Great for travelling, walks in the park, or when teething toy is not in use.

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